HIROMI そらをとぶ 

保育士 英語リトミック講師

Schedule on April ⚘⚘ Don't you want to have a good time with your children?

My classes follow different theme every month and are aimed at to play with parents and children.For example, Picnic,Stores,Greeting,Vehicles... Babies can join too.Let's have a good time together.

This month's theme is 'Spring'.It's getting warm,we can find signs of spring.Let's read picture books about spring,sing spring songs and dance.

The class' name is 'にこにこくらぶ☺'and will be held on Aplil 26 , ①AM10:30~・②PM1:00~at 大街道てくるん.

You don't need a reservation and it is free.There is time to play with various wood toys freely. You can make friends and consult about any worrise could be you having for your children.


I'll hold a birthday party for children born in April on April 19,①PM1:30~・②14:30~at 大街道てくるん
Let's enjoy special morments as we celebrate birthdays for our children.You can get a birthday card with your child's handprint and a crown made of felt.

You need a reservation but it is free.Plese check here.


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